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Health Tech: On the Frontline of Global Recovery

Healthcare, Lab, and Life Sciences

From telehealth and patient monitoring to early detection and AI, the healthcare segment has responded to the pandemic with exceptional innovations.

Telemedicine: The Future of Health Tech Is Here Today

Telemedicine is becoming the new standard in healthcare, and hospitals and clinics need ways to keep up. Discover the innovative ways that digital displays, powerful edge compute, and versatile software are making it possible.

Case Study: A Smart City Innovates with Smart Kiosks

What do you get when you combine self-service health monitoring with frictionless shopping? A point-of-care kiosk enabled by computer vision, AI, and healthcare-as-a-service. With today’s focus on health and safety, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Computer Vision Puts the Focus on Patient Monitoring

Patient falls are a significant challenge for hospitals and clinics. They are costly to prevent and dangerous when they happen. Computer vision and real-time analytics are on the frontline in solving the problem.

Healthcare IoT, the Rx for Providers and Patients

How can hospitals increase staff efficiency, security, and improve patient outcomes? Healthcare IoT and secure digital technologies present new opportunities. One company is leading the way by bringing this all together.

Intelligent Wayfinding Keeps Visitors Moving

Digital signage can do more than show maps. Smart displays can automate vital services, broadcast emergency alarms, and perform analytics in settings from hospitals to airports. With health and safety more critical than ever, discover how interactive wayfinding stations can help.

AI and Deep Learning Put Hospital Robots to Work

Even in the best of times, hospitals can find themselves understaffed and overcrowded. During a crisis, the need to free up healthcare workers from commonplace tasks is even greater. Explore how robotics and AI are becoming essential workers in medical facilities.

AI Cures the Healthcare Data Gap

Hospitals are continuously under pressure to increase capacity while keeping essential workers safe and healthy. Today’s global healthcare environment is bringing this challenge to the forefront—particularly in the ICU. Discover the new technologies that are helping clinicians provide better care, while also caring for themselves.

Teamplay Cloud Platform Brings Health Data Out of the Dark

Now more than ever, healthcare providers are under pressure to improve patient outcomes, particularly when it comes to critical care. But better care requires better data—and healthcare providers are already overwhelmed with numbers. Innovative technologies are making it possible to collect and analyze this data—improving outcomes.

From Building Automation to Health Tech

Remote monitoring and connected devices support a range of applications—from smart buildings to in-home healthcare. Add management services and you can achieve results more easily and at a lower cost. Discover how one company is helping organizations save energy and at the same time improve quality of life.

Cut Bedside False Alarms Up to 99% with Real-Time Analytics

Alarm fatigue is a big problem for healthcare providers and their patients. An edge-based, real-time analytics platform can significantly reduce the false alarms of bedside monitoring devices.

Real-Time Analytics Drives Real-Time Security

The need for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations to protect people and assets has never been greater. Computer vision and edge analytics enable robust security solutions that make it easier to tackle these challenges—easing the burden on security staff.

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