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Paid Sponsorship Opportunities

Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Members can select from a variety of sponsored content packages, ranging from articles to podcasts. All packages include robust promotion—on both and our partner publication Embedded Computing Design—through emails, newsletters, and social media.

In addition, Members can republish the content on other channels of their choice—such as their own website or with a third-party publication. Members may also select a package that includes a social media kit that will help them easily promote the content on their own channels.

Whichever package is chosen, the content will be created by the editorial staff, ensuring the highest levels of quality and relevance. And our streamlined workflow will help you get results quickly.

This program may qualify for co-marketing, market development funds (MDF) as part of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Program—a benefit exclusive to Affiliate, Associate, and Premier Members. If you have questions regarding your company’s MDF benefits, or wish to request access to your company’s MDF information, please email

Content & Promotional Package Options

These services will be provided by the editorial and marketing team at IMP-SF; all invoicing will be through IMP-SF.

Description of Offerings


Article Series: 3 articles (800-1000 words each) featuring a specific solution, topic, or event. Interview with subject matter expert included. Includes hero image and may include graphics within body copy. Posted as “Sponsored Content” on

eBook: Compiled from the articles series; and includes an introduction and graphics and delivered in a 6-8 page PDF format. The eBook is posted as “Sponsored Content” on

White Paper: Designed based on white paper template and includes sponsor logo. Interview with subject matter expert included. Final deliverable is a 4-5 pages, 1500-2000 words PDF. Posted as “Sponsored Content” on

Podcast: Special edition 30-minute episode featuring a conversation between the Editor-in-Chief and sponsor’s subject matter expert. Posted as “Sponsored Content” on and Apple Podcasts.

Content Syndication (on and through Embedded Computing Design)

  • All asset(s) in the package are organically promoted on Twitter through @insightdottech Twitter handle with 2 tweets
  • Articles, white papers and podcasts are promoted through the monthly newsletter
  • Promoted through the Embedded Computing Design content syndication program; includes 2 email sends promoting selected asset (available for article, eBook or white paper)

Social Media Kit: PDF with social posts customized for the asset(s) and sponsoring company, based on company’s social handles and social activity. Includes relevant hashtags and handles.

Custom Package: We can customize a content package for your organization.