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Data Delivers on Retail Response and Recovery

Retail, eCommerce, and Supply Chain

Technology innovations are fueling a rapid response to the new normal in commerce—keeping customers and staff safe while supporting sales and operational continuity.

AI Powers Profitable and Safe Retail

Thanks to AI and computer vision, retailers are creating personalized experiences—a win-win for customers and businesses. And now the same technology can help protect the health of shoppers and staff.

Surprising Ways IoT Transforms Retail

From smart mops to AI fry cooks, the applications for computer vision are virtually endless. See how you can innovate with retail data.

AI Technology Transforms Supply Chain Operations

In these especially challenging times, how can supply chain operators move goods from point A to point B faster than ever? The latest in IoT sensors, ruggedized computers, and AI help meet these needs.

Case Study: A Smart City Innovates with Smart Kiosks

What do you get when you combine self-service health monitoring with frictionless shopping? A point-of-care kiosk enabled by computer vision, AI, and healthcare-as-a-service. With today’s focus on health and safety, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

24×7 Revenue with Smart Vending and the IoT

How can vending operators think outside the box? Smart, connected machines and a partner ecosystem mean new opportunities. Discover the ways that the latest IoT technologies make it possible.

Intelligent Wayfinding Keeps Visitors Moving

Digital signage can do more than show maps. Smart displays can automate vital services, broadcast emergency alarms, and perform analytics in settings from hospitals to airports. With health and safety more critical than ever, discover how interactive wayfinding stations can help.

Interactive Kiosks Transform Visitor Management

Self-service kiosks give new meaning to the term “help yourself.” Find out how a filter manufacturer used interactive systems to improve visitor management as well as its bottom line.

Robot Tellers and the Future of Banking

While there’s a big move to mobile banking and contactless payments, customers still prefer visiting their local branch. But in our new retail environment, health and safety must be factored into staff and customer interactions.

Reliable Food Logistics Need Automation

Adhering to food safety regulations can be challenging in the best of times. When supply and demand become uncertain, there is an even greater need for reliable cold chain logistics, from farm to table.

Real-Time Analytics Drives Real-Time Security

The need for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations to protect people and assets has never been greater. Computer vision and edge analytics enable robust security solutions that make it easier to tackle these challenges—easing the burden on security staff.

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