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New Ideas at the Retail Innovation Showcase

Retail Innovation Showcase

Retail technology is advancing rapidly. From systems to improve customer experience and employee connectivity to efficiencies in e-commerce inventory and deliveries, navigating the digital journey is critical for retailers—and increasingly challenging.

If you want to discover the latest answers and innovations to address these issues, then you don’t want to miss the CDW Retail Innovation Showcase in London on June 25.

With top executives from Intel, Google, Zebra, and others, you’ll learn the newest advances for the most crucial areas in retail. Whether you’re seeking the right strategic decisions or the right strategic partners as part of your digital transformation, this showcase will present opportunities and insights you need to know.

Speakers include:

  • David Dobson, Retail Director at Intel, will explain how to stay on top of rapid technology changes that enable retailers to better understand their customers, build new revenue opportunities and reduce costs.
  • Google Chrome Enterprise Specialist Robert Carrick will explore ways to improve your business through new in-store devices, security, and manageability.
  • Simon Wylam, Retail Sales Director at Zebra, will discuss the importance of ensuring that in-store associates have the connectivity they need to exceed the expectations of your retail customers.
  • As Chief Customer Officer at Doddle, Mike Richmond will help prepare your business in the ultra-competitive e-commerce space by highlighting methods for improving your delivery and returns process.
  • Neil Dunham, Vice President of Infovista for the UK and Ireland, will explore ways to introduce new technology into your store without risking the quality and performance of your existing services.
  • Chris Labrey, Managing Director at Econocom, will present new ideas for ensuring technology transformation while adhering to tight budget constraints.

Seats are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to register now!

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