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AI and CV Power Pandemic Recovery

Computer Vision and AI

Cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence are the foundations for groundbreaking applications. Healthcare providers, educators, retailers, cities, and more are all using these technologies to facilitate response and recovery.

Ed Tech Goes the Distance

With the global pandemic, educators have been forced to transition from classroom to remote teaching. Digital learning requires visually rich content to bridge the gap. With innovative solutions, one company is making it possible.

AI Technology Transforms Supply Chain Operations

In these especially challenging times, how can supply chain operators move goods from point A to point B faster than ever? The latest in IoT sensors, ruggedized computers, and AI help meet these needs.

Drop-in Software Takes Real-Time Analytics to the Grid

Can utilities add real-time analytics to legacy substations without disruptions? Drop-in software makes it possible, plus saves time and resources. Cutting-edge technologies allow utilities to maximize renewable energy sources—reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Safeguarding the Grid with IIoT

Climate change is driving a need to reshape energy systems across the globe. The latest technologies play an important part in making this possible. Discover how a utility in Finland is tackling the problem with centralized substation protection and control.

Rapidly Reconfigure Factories with AI

In times of rapid change, manufacturers need to be agile. This has never been truer than today, as factories are being repurposed to deliver personal protection equipment (PPE) and other critically needed products. Manufacturers deploying IIoT and smart factory technologies are using data analytics to quickly respond.

Real-Time Analytics Drives Real-Time Security

The need for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations to protect people and assets has never been greater. Computer vision and edge analytics enable robust security solutions that make it easier to tackle these challenges—easing the burden on security staff.

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