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Internet of Things Solutions for Railways

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As railway operators incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the rail industry is primed for more disruption than at any point in its 200-plus-year history. But while new platforms will help train operators realize innovations in efficiency, passenger experience, and safety, the electronic hardware that enables them must still adhere to the strict design requirements of the rail industry. Fortunately, integrated IoT solutions have already been designed to standards such as EN 50155, BS EN 50155:2007, and EN 45545-2, and are available off-the-shelf.

In this white paper, railway operators will discover:

  • How IoT technologies can revolutionize the rail industry in terms of efficiency, safety, and comfort
  • Four key design requirements for on-board IoT electronics
  • How multi-purpose IoT rail terminals combine the benefits of connectivity with standards-compliant design