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Stackable PC/104 Set to Raise the Game in Industrial System Design

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The stackable PC/104 architecture has a long heritage in industrial and transportation systems, but emerging applications in those markets require increased processing performance, higher bandwidth, and flexible I/O. In response, the PCI/104-Express specification combines support for PCIe, USB, SATA, and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with the ruggedness, low power, and low cost of the PC/104 form factor. Industrial system engineers can now make the most of powerful and energy efficient processors without having to revamp their existing designs.

This white paper will teach industrial and transportation system integrators:

  • Why PC/104 continues to be adopted in industrial embedded systems
  • How the PCI/104-Express specification will extend that adoption through support for modern processors and I/O peripherals
  • How off-the-shelf PCI/104-Express solutions can be easily integrated to upgrade legacy systems