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Intel® Xeon® D: A Significant Leap Forward in General Purpose Processor (GPP) Technology Across the Spectrum of Defense Applications

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The amount of processing that can be performed within the size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) envelope of a defense system’s electronics payload has long been a limiting factor of mission capability. To maximize this performance, defense engineers have long used a mix of FPGAs, GPUs, and General-Purpose Processors (GPPs), but recent advances in the Intel® Xeon® system on chips (SoCs) D are rendering these heterogeneous architectures unnecessary while delivering unmatched signal processing power and efficiency.

In this white paper, aerospace and defense engineers will learn:

  • How Intel® Xeon® processors D enable performance and flexibility in military electronics payloads
  • Best practices for selecting an efficient signal processing module
  • Examples of how these solutions can be deployed in a mobile tactical server