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Leveraging COM Express for Medical Equipment Design

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Modern electronic medical equipment comes with a variety of requirements, including high performance, low power consumption, minimal form factors, and adherence to rigorous safety and reliability standards. As each application has its own unique set of demands, designing these systems is a challenge.

COM Express offers one solution for medical device designers, as its modular, scalable architecture allows tailored processor boards to be swapped onto custom carrier boards based on the application at hand. Medical-grade COM Express boards can even be sourced through select OEMs to ensure safety, quality, and reliable operation over the extended life of healthcare equipment.

In this white paper, medical device designers will learn:

  • About key considerations when selecting electronics for medical equipment
  • How COM Express supports functionality and flexibility for a range of medical device designs
  • How partnering with the right COM Express vendor can fast-track adherence to rigorous electronic medical equipment standards