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ew 2024: Sparkle Showcases Enhanced Graphics Solutions

Willie Huang, General Manager of Sparkle Computer, discusses the primary challenges in developing and deploying computer vision and edge solutions, and how its partnership with Intel is improving graphics solutions at embedded world 2024.


How do you help customers take advantage of the latest computer vision and edge computing technologies?

Willie Huang: Our customers are system builders, you know, in the embedded area, like, you know, medical imaging, you know, casino gaming, digital signage and automations. What we offer to our customer is a graphics solutions that, you know, we can offer more graphics powers to customers to help them to enhance, you know, their aged computing systems.

What challenges do customers face when developing and deploying computer vision and edge solutions?

Willie Huang: I think the computer system nowadays, they are requiring more GPU power than CPU power and the high definition area that, you know, people, they are using in the automation, in the video recognitions, they all require, you know, higher computing power from GPUs so that, you know, we are helping customer to look for better graphic solutions

How does Intel, along with its latest technologies such as Intel® Arc Graphics, benefit customers?

Willie Huang: I think Intel has a comprehensive development area environment that can help customers, developers to develop, you know, the software, the API that they need. And we are happy to work with Intel to help our customers to develop, you know, the new environment for AI users.

How is Sparkle Computer working with intel in this space?

Willie Huang: I think, you know, I say as a graphics partners of Intel, what we do is to develop a variant, different variants of the graphics cards and graphics modules to help our customer to implement the GPU into their systems. And besides of the designs, we also help customers with the bond management, with the longevity support that we can guarantee, you know, the supply, you know, longevity for our customers and their customers.

What trends are you seeing at embedded world 2024?

Willie Huang: For the embedded world this year, we are seeing more AIs. You know, you know, AI is, you know, is definitely the most popular word in the recent couple years, and we are also happy to be in the industry like, you know, we can adopt GPU to develop more AI applications.

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