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10 Tech Influencers Shaping the Digital Landscape in 2024

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation, influencers play a pivotal role in shaping conversations, trends, and the direction of various industry trends. As we step into 2024, rings in the new year by identifying 10 influential voices in the tech industry, all using their digital presence to make a significant impact in their respective domains.

These influencers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making them instrumental voices in shaping the future of technology. Whether you’re interested in the strategic implementation of digital transformation, the role artificial intelligence plays in shaping the future, or the security considerations within the AI landscape, following these thought leaders will provide valuable perspectives and foresight as they continue to pioneer influencing the 2024 narrative.

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Kirk Borne, Ph.D.

Expertise: Big Data, IoT, AI

Why to Follow: LinkedIn “Top Voice” Kirk Borne is a luminary in big data, IoT, and AI. His expertise bridges these domains, offering a holistic perspective on the intersection of data and technology. Fun fact: He’s also an astrophysicist.

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Marsha Collier

Expertise: Retail, AI

Why to Follow: Collier’s expertise in retail and AI makes her a must-follow for those interested in the evolving landscape of consumer experiences and the role of AI in shaping the retail sector.

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Glen Gilmore

Expertise: Tech for Good, AI

Why to Follow: Gilmore’s advocacy for using technology for positive change and his expertise in AI make him a beacon for those interested in the ethical implications of technological advancements.

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Antonio Grasso

Expertise: Digital Transformation, AI, Cybersecurity

Why to Follow: Another “Top Voice” on LinkedIn is Antonio Grasso, a renowned figure in technology innovations. His expertise extends from the broader vision of digital transformation down to the granular intricacies of implementing robust cybersecurity measures. Interested in discovering where digital evolution meets people’s revolution? Antonio’s latest publication, Toward a Post-Digital Society: Where Digital Evolution Meets People’s Revolution, is the place to start. He also has a bite-sized monthly newsletter.

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As we step into 2024, @insightdottech rings in the new year by identifying 10 influential voices in the #tech industry, all using their #digital presence to make a significant impact in their respective domains.

Kevin Jackson, CISSP, CCSP

Expertise: Digital Transformation, AI, Data

Why to Follow: USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kevin Jackson stands as a leader in digital transformation, providing expert commentary on the integration of AI, machine learning, and data analytics. His insights offer a roadmap for organizations navigating the complexities of the digital age.

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Jean-Baptiste Lefevre

Expertise: AI, Robotics, Cloud

Why to Follow: Lefevre’s insights delve deep into the realms of AI, robotics, and cloud computing. His thought leadership provides a roadmap for navigating the future of these technologies and beyond.

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Tamara McCleary

Expertise: AI, IoT, Digital Transformation

Why to Follow: McCleary is a leading voice in digital transformation, exploring the synergies of AI, IoT, and the evolving digital landscape.

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Franco Ronconi

Expertise: AI, Robotics, Future of Work

Why to Follow: Ronconi’s focus on AI, robotics, and the future of work provides valuable insights into the changing dynamics of the workplace and the role of automation in shaping our professional lives.

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Dr. Monika Sonu

Expertise: Healthcare, AI

Why to Follow: Sonu’s insights into the intersection of healthcare and AI offer a glimpse into the transformative potential of technology in revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

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Helen Yu

Expertise: Digital Transformation, IoT, Cybersecurity

Why to Follow: As a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and LinkedIn “Top Voice,” Helen Yu is a dynamic influencer making waves in the realms of digital transformation, IoT, and cybersecurity. Her expertise lies at the intersection of these critical domains, offering a comprehensive understanding of how organizations can secure their digital landscapes while embracing transformative technologies. Catch Yu on CXO Spice, a series on her YouTube channel where thought leaders share their point of view on innovations and explain how to implement them in the real world.

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