Nicholas Cravotta

Nicholas Cravotta is a veteran of the electronics industry. He has been technical editor for EDN, Embedded Systems Programming, and Communications Systems Design, and was the founding editor-in-chief of Multimedia Systems Design. During his years as an engineer, he designed hard real-time embedded systems, wrote application software for PCs and workstations, built an operating system from the ground up, and developed in-house software and hardware development and test tools, among many other projects. He has written over 600 published articles and has taught programming and technical writing at UC Berkeley. When he isn’t writing about engineering, he is an award-winning game designer for BlueMatter Games where he focuses on innovative ways to engage people, including the home-version of Escape the Room and Houdini, the reconfigurable disentanglement puzzle. He was recently a contestant on the reality TV show, “The Toy Box” showing the Pinata Backpack.

  • Shrinking Machine Learning Down to IoT Size

    Shrinking Machine Learning Down to IoT Size

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    Scalable Design for IIoT Communications Systems

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    IoT Analytics: Smarter Retail with a TAP

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    Simplify Safety-Critical System Design

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