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Railway Improves Passenger Experience and Generates Passenger Data Using Onboard Infotainment

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The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) was struggling to provide Alpine commuters access to the Internet. Through connectivity, not only could it improve the passenger experience by delivering specially produced video and audio content, but also generate demographic data to provide the railway with insight into traveler behaviors. Delivering these features required a highly integrated, railway-compliant onboard server that could provide Wi-Fi access and support a branded web-based app. It found the solution in Passenger software running on Advantech’s ITA 5730 server.

In this white paper, transportation operators will learn:

  • About RhB’s desire to enhance user experience and gain customer insights through a railway connectivity solution
  • How a technology partnership between Advantech and Passenger delivered on these solution requirements
  • How the capabilities of the solution can be extended for additional features, markets