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Picture Perfect: Facilitating Higher Resilience for Machine Vision Cameras

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Machine vision is finding its way into a variety of applications, including digital security and surveillance (DSS) and smart retail systems. These use cases require high-resolution cameras capable of real-time HD image processing, as well as cloud connectivity so that their findings can be analyzed. Of course, all of this must be integrated into an industrial-grade package with ample I/O and the ability to dissipate a considerable amount of heat. Fortunately, mini box PCs based on Intel® Core™ processor technology deliver the performance-per-watt needed to capitalize on advanced machine vision capabilities in a fanless, rugged design.

In this article, DSS and smart retail engineers will learn:

  • About requirements of modern machine vision camera systems
  • How mini box PCs can enable these systems in rugged, extended-temperature packages
  • How intelligent vision systems are reshaping Industry 4.0