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Dell Edge Gateways for Commercial Telematics: Driving Convergence, Application Market Places, and Edge Analytics

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Multi-point telematics solutions have been present in commercial vehicle fleets for some time, but on-board telematics gateways are now becoming pervasive as vehicle connectivity and IoT business models go mainstream. With the right telematics gateway, fleet operators can keep their vehicles, personnel, and infrastructure connected 24/7 to improve operational efficiency and offer new products and services; with the wrong solution, they can encounter data fragmentation and vendor lock-in that result in a telematics gateway costing more than it earns. In response, Dell* is delivering a suite of open, off-the-shelf, and rugged telematics gateways that allow fleet operators to confidently integrate their connected vehicle infrastructure once and for all.

In this white paper, fleet operators and telematics service providers will learn:

  • Technology and market drivers pushing fleet operators from multi-point solutions to open telematics gateways
  • Key requirements and characteristics of fleet-class telematics gateways
  • How the right technology partnerships can yield gateway solutions with processing, software, security, and connectivity tailored to the needs of the connected vehicle end application