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Kontron at embedded world 2023

Embedded workstations are the human-machine interface of choice in environments like automation factories and medical-imaging centers, but they can also offload compute workloads for systems that demand vision workloads at the edge. Of course, these end markets also have special deployment requirements with regard to thermal and lifecycle management, which makes assembling the right mix of technologies a considerable challenge.

At embedded world 2023, Thomas Stanik, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager at Kontron, a leader in embedded computing technology, demonstrates a liquid-cooled ATX motherboard based on 12th and 13th Gen Intel® Core processors and Intel® Arc A40 or A50 graphics processors that meets the performance, form factor, and long life-cycle requirements of the industrial edge.


Thomas Stanik: Hi, my name is Thomas Stanik. I’m a Senior Sales and Business Development Manager from Kontron Europe. And I want to show you today our new concept of an embedded workstation powered by the 12th and 13th Gen of Intel core processors and the amazing art graphics.

Today we are promoting this kind of ATX, kind of an embedded workstation with a fanless and, in this dedicated case, water-cooled system. And this is kind of an influence from the more commercial area, but related to the very, very powerful Intel processors, like the 12th and 13th generation, in combination with the Intel art graphics, which is in total based on our Alder Lake-model boards.

Again, the processors, and the Intel embedded and workstation graphics the A40 and A50—a powerful package. So it could be a very interesting package for various applications and markets like medical imaging, or also the imaging, high-speed imaging in the shop floors, the automation area. This is related to the powerful graphics, and, for the dedicated medical application, the life cycle, because they’re known for long validation times, and/or validation cycles. And for that one, we need long life cycles for the products. And this is related to the motherboard, this is related to the processors, all the peripherals, but also on the graphics because of driver and buyer stuff, which needed to be implemented. And for that one, the new Intel art graphics, especially A40 and A50, could be the right choices, yeah, for this kind of applications.

Okay, so if you’re interested into that, you can look on our website,, as well as on the Intel art-graphic site, And also we are here at the embedded world at booth number 159 in Hall Three.

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