Innovations Fuel Global Response and Recovery

July 30, 2020 Georganne Benesch

global recovery

Around the world and across all sectors, companies are stepping up to help people, cities, and businesses respond and recover from a global pandemic. From healthcare to education, commerce to supply chains, discover how the latest technologies are moving the world forward.

Healthcare, Lab, & Life Sciences
From telehealth and patient monitoring to early detection and AI, the healthcare segment has responded to the pandemic with exceptional innovations.

Explore how new directions in healthcare, lab, and life sciences are aiding response and recovery.

Retail, eCommerce, & Supply Chain
Technology innovations are fueling a rapid response to the new normal in commerce—keeping customers and staff safe while supporting sales and operational continuity.

Keep up with how retail, ecommerce, and supply chain are driving response and recovery.

Distance Learning & Remote Collaboration
Remote work environments and virtual classrooms are the new normal. The latest technologies make productivity, collaboration, and quality education possible for communities around the globe.

Discover the new frontiers of remote work and distance learning.

Computer Vision & AI
Cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence are the foundations for groundbreaking applications. Healthcare providers, educators, retailers, cities, and more are all using these technologies to facilitate response and recovery.

Keep up with the computer vision and AI technologies transforming the world.

Smart Cities & Public Sector
As cities get back on track to growth, they need to keep people healthy. New frontiers in technology are helping the public sector put safeguards in place to protect citizens, businesses, and essential workers.

See the new directions cities are taking to improve quality of life as they respond and recover.

About the Author

Georganne Benesch

Georganne Benesch is the Associate Content Director for Before this she was an independent writer, authoring blogs, web content, solution guides, white papers and more. Prior to her freelance career Georganne held product management and marketing positions at companies such as Cisco, Proxim and Netopia. She earned a B.A. at University of California at Santa Cruz.

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