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ew 2024: Intel Drives AI Everywhere

Dan Rodriguez, Corporate Vice President and General Manager for the Network and Edge Solutions Group at Intel, showcased partnerships driving Intel’s AI everywhere vision at embedded world 2024. From a software-defined future in manufacturing to the use of digital twins and an AI avatar, Intel is powering new innovations across the ecosystem.


Dan Rodriguez: Hello, everybody. I’m here in Nuremberg, Germany at the embedded world Show in the Intel booth. And guess what? The talk of the town, the talk of the show is all about how Intel is driving AI everywhere and we’ve got some cool demos.

Let’s go check them out. You go to follow me a little bit. We go to hustle.

Alright, the first demo I want to showcase is how Intel has been driving with the industry a software-defined future for manufacturing. In this demo, we’re partnering with Schneider Electric and they’re utilizing our ECI suite of software, utilizing our latest and greatest atom processor to show how you can process control loops in a software defined way in real time, all on our Atom processor to help support their lithium battery production. And guess what? Through this software-defined system, they’re seeing great scale, great agility, and great overall efficiency.

Let’s go check out another one. Alright, so digital twins is obviously one of those new cool technologies that everyone’s talking about. And essentially in this digital twin demo, we’re utilizing our Arc GPUs combined with our SceneScape software, our Geti software. And we have an integrated LLM model. And what it’s doing is it’s mapping 2D to 3D mapping and then it’s providing area analytics to whoever’s operating the facility. So you can think about manufacturing people looking at this, healthcare facilities, you can think about alerts for actually help workers on the show floor or on a factory floor, see if there’s safety issues.

Let’s go to the third demo. This demo is pretty cool. This is all about an AI avatar worker that could be working in a clothing store or an automobile dealership and many other retail settings. And essentially this AI avatar, it is utilizing our new Intel® Core Ultra CPU, and it’s running all that AI right there and it’s helping improve the overall shopping experience. I experienced it today and it helped me out. It told me all about this embedded event.

With that, thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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