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IoT Dev Chat Ep. 3: How NASCAR AI Runs a Factory

IoT Dev Chat Podcast, computer vision, digital display

Stock car racing has a reputation for being low-tech, but today’s NASCAR teams are using sophisticated AI to push engines to the limit. Now this same machine monitoring technology is available for factories, where it can keep manufacturing assets running at peak performance.

In this podcast, we discuss the extreme requirements of racing—and the surprising ways 800 HP engines resemble everyday industrial applications—with Joe Speed, Field CTO for Global Partners at ADLINK Technology. Our conversation starts with Joe’s real-world NASCAR experience, and then explores everything from optical character recognition to communications protocols. It’s a wild ride!

Listen to find out how you can take advantage of the latest in AI and machine learning. You will discover:

  • Why edge inferencing is the key to analyzing massive data streams
  • How to build an edge computing platform that can talk to legacy equipment
  • Why sensor fusion is not as hard as it sounds

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About the Author

Kenton Williston is the Editor-in-Chief of and served as the editor of its predecessor publication, the Embedded Innovator magazine. Kenton received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and has been writing about embedded computing and IoT ever since.

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