5 Secrets to IoT Software Success

October 3, 2017 Murray Slovick

The IoT software stack spans a wide range of technologies, including data gathering, edge management, connectivity, security, cloud services, and analytics. Each layer of the stack presents critical design choices that can determine the success of the overall system.

In this white paper, we explain the end-to-end IoT software stack and present guidelines for design success including:

  • Getting started with smart gateways
  • Moving analytics out of the cloud
  • Making security a priority

About the Author

Murray Slovick is Editorial Director and Principal of Intelligent TechContent, an editorial services company that produces technical articles, white papers and social media posts for clients in the electronic design and consumer electronics industries. Trained as an engineer, he has more than 20 years of experience as chief editor of publications covering technology. He previously was Editorial Director at Hearst Business Media where he was responsible for the online and print content of Electronic Products, among other properties in the U.S. and China. He also served as Executive Editor of the CMP/Arrow online publication ChipCenter and spent a decade as editor-in-chief of the IEEE flagship publication Spectrum.

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