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Top Articles of 2019

AI, IoT, Vision, Edge

We talk about a lot every year in the world of IoT and embedded innovation. All year our writers scour for the best new innovations, the game-changing solutions, and the stories of how technology is helping businesses and people make the world a better place.

Scroll down to re-visit our 19 most-read articles in 2019. We can’t wait to share whatever 2020 may bring.

19. Find the Perfect Fit with Real-Time Analytics

A look inside the Skratch AV Phygital Video Wall and how it is improving retail experiences.

18. Building Automation-as-a-Service, from Edge to Cloud

Arkessa is helping buildings reduce office space costs.

17. The AI Revolution Advances Medical Imaging

Our writer, Robert Moss, dove into the world of AI and deep learning in medical technology with IEI.

16. Embedded Linux—Prototype to Production

Wind River explains the short- and long-term costs of commercial Linux.

15. Machine Vision Needs to Be Easier

Robert Moss took a stand that machine vision needs to be easier and showed us how Advantech is making it happen.

14. Smart Grids Need a Secret Identity—Here’s Why

Tempered Networks has a solution for standard IT tech that doesn’t protect smart grids from network attacks.

13. Software Simplicity: The Solution to Vision at the Edge

Jeff McVeigh walked us through the power of Intel® IoT OpenVino and solving puzzle of hardware diversity.

12. Accelerate AI and Vision Designs in Edge Compute

Bill Pearson, Vice President, Internet of Things Developer Programs at Intel®, talked about the journey toward designing an AI-based system (hint: the Intel® Developer Zone is very helpful).

11. Bringing AI and Computer Vision to the Industrial Shop Floor

Siemens AG and Intel® collaborated on a new deep learning module for easier AI integration.

10. Why Intel® Xeon® Processors Pivoted to AI

Our Editor in Chief, Kenton Williston broke down why Intel® processors pivoted to AI — and what it means for developers with an example from Mercury Systems.

9. Turnkey AI From Development Kit to Deployment

UP ! Bridge the Gap, a division of AAEON Technology, created an AI Vision Development Kit to help developers and solution integrators quickly implement & deploy computer vision solutions.

8. The Journey from Prototype to Production for AI at the Edge

Steen Graham from Intel® broke down the Intel® AI: In Production ecosystem to help accelerate prototype to production at the edge.

7. Avoid VPNs with Global Access Networks for IoT Control

As deployments grow, VPNs and on-premises networks can quickly become too complex or too expensive. To support secure remote device management, it’s clear that the industry needs an alternative solution. TeamViewer GmbH has the answer!

6. Choosing Between the Intel® Xeon® D Processor and Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 for Embedded Applications

Kenton Williston helped you decide between Intel® Xeon® D Processor and Intel® Xeon® Processor E5.

5. Simplify Secure, UEFI-Based IoT Firmware Updates

From the archives, Rich Nass showed how solutions can help the standardize the process of updating/securing firmware remotely.

4. New CPUs Target the IoT Edge

Everyone was very interested in the new 9th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors for IoT.

3. Why Containers Are the Future of the IoT

All year you were interested in reading about the emergence of containers for IoT and their effect on the future of the industry.

2. Big Data, Edge Computing, and the Future of Manufacturing

We explored the convergence of OT and IT with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

1. AI Boosts Brick-and-Mortar Sales

And our top story for 2019 was Robert Moss’s insights on AAEON boosting retail sales with AI.

We look forward to covering the latest design ideas, solutions, and trends in IoT Innovations together this year!

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