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Kontron at embedded world 2022

Connectivity needs are changing, and that is resulting in the desire for faster speeds and interfacing. That’s why COM-HPC, the next-generation computer-on-module standard, is on full display at this year’s embedded world Conference & Exhibition. The standard offers more computing performance and power than any other standard. And with companies like Kontron, a leader in embedded-computing technology, offering products with COM-HPC and Intel® servers inside, customers can deploy next-generation applications that support AI, edge, and 5G with confidence.


Martin Unverdorben: My name is Martin Unverdorben. I’m a product manager at Kontron and responsible for the product line SMARC COM-HPC.

When the need changed in connectivity, that interfaces need to get faster, so we need higher speeds and interfacing. For example, PCI gen five now is necessary or also up to 100 gigabit ethernet is necessary, and therefore we need more solutions that offer it. And with COM-HPC, we exactly address that because this is only available on now COM-HPC and was not available in older computer run modules like COM Express. So this is one need and also more performance in computing, so more computing power is available.

Because the board size is bigger you can get more heat out of the system  and therefore COM-HPC offers that. And with Intel Alder Lake platforms and also with Ice Lake DCM platforms we cannot exactly address that. Alder Lake’s 12th gen Intel exactly fits very well on COM-HPC because it addresses more PCI Express, faster PCI Express, higher performances. That’s exactly there. And also, what I really like that is we at Kontron work already since years with TSN. So we have made starter kits with FPGAs and stuff like that. And now, thankfully, it’s integrated already in the process or in the chip sets, and that’s really great.

I think the main difference between Kontron’s modules and other vendors is that we offer direct support here out of Germany and for our customers here in Europe, I think that’s the most important part.

And we have also direct support in the US and also direct support in Asia and therefore in most countries we have local speaking people who can help our customers. If you go to you will find exactly more information about our products itself and especially also about COM-HPC.

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