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IoT Dev Chat Ep. 4: Keeping Retail Workers Safe & Connected

IoT Dev Chat Podcast, computer vision, digital display

When it comes to keeping employees safe and healthy, retailers face unprecedented challenges. How can business help their frontline employees maintain social distancing? How can workers collaborate without face-to-face meetings?

In this podcast, we discuss these questions with Alan Jezek, Chief Revenue Officer at Theatro Labs. With his deep background in connected workers, Alan brings keen insights in to the “new normal” for the retail sector. Join us as we explore the ways technology can help merchants move forward. You will hear:

  • Why IoT networks are critical to new business models like curbside pickup
  • How technology can replace—and upgrade—the daily worker huddle
  • How leading retailers cut deployment time from years to weeks

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About the Author

Kenton Williston is the Editor-in-Chief of and served as the editor of its predecessor publication, the Embedded Innovator magazine. Kenton received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and has been writing about embedded computing and IoT ever since.

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