Taking Charge of your Energy Consumption with the Arrow Energy Monitoring Kit

Industrial and commercial facilities consume as much as 62% of all electricity consumption. The cost of energy consumption does not just impact the budgets of stakeholders but also the earth’s environment. Proactively measuring and managing the details of energy consuming devices has become a top priority for facility managers.

Arrow, Intel, and Microsoft introduce the Energy Monitoring Kit that collects, analyzes, visualizes, and ultimately manages energy consumption to optimize facility operations. The kit incorporates Microsoft's Azure cloud analytics, a data ingestion engine, edge gateways, and DENT Instruments current aggregation technologies to deliver meaningful energy consumption insights to any facility.

Benefits of the solution include:

• Near real-time visibility to address inefficiencies without delay

• Reduce energy costs and balance workloads to minimize usage during peak hours

• Achieve compliance with environmental regulations

• Reports and dashboards for trend analysis

• Remote access for easy management

• Easily integrate energy consumption data with Building Management Systems (BMS) for greater efficiencies

Know more about the solution, request a demo kit or download the Microsoft Reference architecture for Energy Monitoring.

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