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Minimize Equipment Downtime with Intelligent Machine Condition Monitoring

Every year unplanned equipment downtime adversely impacts manufacturing efficiency and significantly increases operating costs for the manufacturing sector.  In addition to loss in production time and drop of plant productivity, equipment downtime also leads to expensive repair and replacement costs and profit erosion. According to industry reports 1 - unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers over $50 billion annually. To grapple with these enormous costs, businesses need to replace current reactive and time-consuming maintenance approaches with preventive processes and technology. 

MCM-100 is an ultra-compact machine condition monitoring platform that unleashes a predictive approach to machine maintenance using data and analytics. Intel, ADLINK, and Microsoft collaborated to introduce this new platform to offer manufacturers visibility into the health of rotary equipment and detect anomalies by tracking critical machine parameters. Vibration, humidity, shock, noise, temperature, or electrostatic discharge (ESD) are some of the key operating parameters that can be monitored for deviations.  Stakeholders can now

  • Set up data flows from new or existing equipment with minimal configuration and generate useful insights quickly expediting paths to ROI
  • Gain continuous access to the conditions of rotary machinery wherever it sits with compact, industrial-grade sensors
  • Be alerted immediately when a machine’s condition exceeds predefined parameters
  • Apply meaningful data to predict and prevent equipment failure and schedule and perform maintenance more objectively and efficiently
  • Monitor remote or geographically dispersed or hazardous equipment through trouble-free access

The MCM-100 platform employs Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processors and built-in two or four-channel, 24-bit high-resolution analog input.  A full aluminum alloy enclosure and industrial-grade components ensure the MCM-100 works reliably in harsh environments. Interfaces include dual GbE LAN, two COM, two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 host ports, and dual Mini PCIe slots with connection via Wi-Fi. 

Powered through Microsoft Azure IoT Central, the platform delivers real-time data analytics to unlock the valuable information needed to keep motors running. By integrating data collection, vibration analysis algorithms, computation, and network connection tasking in a single system, the MCM-100 enables preventive maintenance of rotating machinery, tooling, and plant & automation equipment. MCM-100 setup and configuration are fast and simple. The included accelerometer attaches magnetically, allowing easy relocation to any test point, avoiding costs and effort of non-adjustable tapping meters. 



MCM-100 can be installed with ease using a ready-to-go starter kit that comes with all the elements required to implement and test the functionality of the Condition Monitoring Platform, including sensors and software. With the optional Phoenix GM Lite vibration monitoring software, and simple-to-install magnetic mounted accelerometer and cable, the MCM-100 allows users trouble-free access to vibration monitoring on any rotary device. Microsoft Azure IoT Central connects, monitors, and manages the deployed MCM-100 assets, simplifying the overall management. The Condition Monitoring Platform provides data to minimize losses from unexpected anomalies in rotating equipment applications.


The MCM-100 provides continuous data acquisition and condition monitoring of any rotating machinery and equipment anywhere, delivering the meaningful insights to predict and prevent unwanted equipment downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and improve machine reliability and production with predictive maintenance strategies. Learn more about the solution and download the Microsoft Reference Architecture here.



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