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Get End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with Intel and Microsoft


With as much as $3.46T1 in online sales worldwide added to traditional brick-and-mortar sales, more goods than ever have to transit from their source to destinations without being damaged, stolen or lost. Supply chains from suppliers to manufacturers and to customers are growing in complexity and exposing an urgent need for tracking solutions that provide near real-time data on the location and condition of goods-in-transit. When a shipment is compromised in transit due to damage, spoilage or theft, companies lose revenue, time, productivity, and goods. While several tracking technologies exist, a comprehensive platform equipped with sophisticated, yet cost-effective sensors and tracking mechanisms continues to be a need for manufacturers and logistics providers alike.

Intel targets this exact need with its Connected Logistics Platform. With the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP), users can obtain real-time alerts and insights from their shipments around the world. With an intent to decrease the cost and time required for partners to develop logistics and asset management solutions, Intel® CLP is built on a highly flexible IoT architecture utilizing the Microsoft Azure stack.  The platform uses edge intelligence along with insights gained through Microsoft Azure services to provide real-time visibility into location, condition, and the security of packages to drive actions. The Intel-Microsoft joint logistics platform is certified, ready-to-deploy, and is fully customizable. Customers can now automate shipment tracking and optimize their supply chains by:

  • Continuously tracking the entire journey of high-value assets in real-time
  • Using sensors to track environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and light) in and around the container, in addition to measuring position, vibration, shock, and location
  • Tracking all elements of a multimodal supply chain, whether items are at rest in warehouses or in-transit with seamless wired and wireless connectivity
  • Enabling notifications to be alerted when conditions exceed predefined parameters, enabling quick responses to anomalies
  • Using advanced analytics to identify and address chronic conditions leading to damaged, lost, or delayed goods, and manage future risks more effectively 


For business stakeholders, the platform facilitates useful insights to unlock timely, valuable logistics information with direct, consistent visibility into the location and condition of assets. Additionally, the platform reduces supply chain costs by mitigating losses and by reducing waste, damage claims, and overall shipping costs. Operational delays and downtime can be dramatically reduced by better optimization possibilities powered by data insights.

The Intel® CLP forms a high-value ecosystem that connects logistics warehouses, in-transit vehicles, high-value assets, and Microsoft Azure cloud-based management tools. The comprehensive solution combines tags and gateways to track shipments throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to shipper to warehouse/customs and to the end customer.  This solution can be implemented across any transportation modality. Sensor data from asset tags are aggregated at a container level and transmitted to cloud applications that yield insights into the operation. Secure global cellular services are included to provide consistent operational coverage, optimized deployment time, and installation costs. The platform delivers:

  • Cellular services to enable advanced security, rapid deployment, and maximized coverage
  • Cost-effective and comprehensive logistics aided by multi-function sensor tags
  • Near real-time intelligence to enable quick action and continuous monitoring for cost reduction
  • A highly flexible configuration to enable seamless integration with existing and legacy systems/interfaces


Intel and Microsoft collaboration is bringing together a comprehensive logistics platform that gives unprecedented visibility and control over tomorrow’s supply chains. By combining cloud analytics and tracking technologies, the Intel CLP allows customers to track the real-time condition and global location of goods-in-transit. Armed with cloud insights, customers can now optimize their supply chain, reduce costs and most important ensure that shipped goods arrive at their destination without theft, loss or damage.  Learn more about the solution and download the Microsoft Reference Architecture here.