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Intel Xeon Processor Family Choice for Embedded Solutions Processor Impacts SWaP-C, Overall Complexity and Reliability

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Different Intel® Xeon® processors can have a significant impact on the size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C); complexity; and overall reliability of a defense system. Designers must therefore carefully weigh how each Xeon® processor type will affect their overall subsystem architecture rather than just how much TFLOPS/slot performance it provides.

This white paper evaluates Intel® Xeon® E5 and Intel® Xeon® D processors in the context of an OpenVPX system, comparing their performance, integration complexity, power consumption, packaging, and cost.

Aerospace and defense engineers will learn:

  • About different characteristics of Intel® Xeon® E5 and Intel® Xeon® D processors
  • How the two impact the SWaP-C of an OpenVPX system
  • About Intel® Xeon® processor-based OpenVPX systems that reduce design complexity for engineers