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IoT Dev Chat Ep. 5: Rethinking Physical Security

IoT Dev Chat Podcast, computer vision, digital display

The ongoing pandemic has radically altered how we occupy shared spaces, and given new meaning to the concepts of safety and security. This dramatic shift has forced a rapid evolution of the physical security industry, which was already undergoing dramatic change.

In this podcast, we explain how security systems integrators can adapt to the new reality. We are joined by Tim Brooks from PSA Security Network, a leading consortium of security and audiovisual systems integrators. Join us to learn:

  • How the emergence of IoT and cloud systems impacts systems integrators
  • Why physical and cybersecurity are merging
  • How the industry is moving to a services-based model

Plus, in our next Twitter Chat—co-hosted by PSA Security Network—we’ll trade ideas on the same topics. Join us on Wednesday, August 12 at 10 a.m. PDT, to dive into the new realities of physical security. Sign up at our IoTDevChat page to schedule a reminder!

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About the Author

Kenton Williston is the Editor-in-Chief of and served as the editor of its predecessor publication, the Embedded Innovator magazine. Kenton received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and has been writing about embedded computing and IoT ever since.

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