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The Journey from Prototype to Production for AI at the Edge

This is the second of a three-part series that describes the journey toward designing an AI-based system. The first blog covered Software Simplicity: The Solution to Vision at the Edge.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tremendous accelerant to edge computing and the Internet of Things. IoT deployments are demanding far more intelligence at the edge to solve business problems. This requires that insights be generated and acted upon at the data source to reduce latency, improve real-time responses, and relieve network bandwidth demands.

There are various challenges for developers to design a product that solves real-world problems utilizing the power of AI and IoT. These include the complexity of new technologies and fragmented landscape of players, as well as a lack of hardened developer offerings for specific vertical market needs. To address these challenges and help the developer community and its partners unlock the full potential of AI at the edge, Intel® launched the Intel® AI: In Production ecosystem to help accelerate prototype to production at the edge. Through Intel and partner offerings, users can now achieve scale through various Intel ecosystem programs.

In addition, Intel is collaborating with Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance partners such as AAEON, ADLINK Technology Inc., IEI Technology, Advantech, NEXCOM, and Uzel to build Intel® Vision Accelerator Design Products in four different form factors. Vision Accelerator Kits offered by IEI Technology (TANK AIoT Developer Kit) and AAEON (UP Squared AI Vision X Developer Kit) are targeted for developers who require commercial-grade IoT platforms that are customizable and scalable to expedite development.


Figure 1. The UP Squared AI Vision X Developer Kit accelerates prototyping and production of commercial-grade, deep learning-enabled IoT edge vision systems (Source: UP Board). 

To optimize cloud to edge development, Intel provides Function-as-a-Service code integration in the Vision Accelerator Kits with AWS Green Grass and Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. To drive scale, integrators and end users are looking for end to end solutions to see the benefits of AI today, Intel also showcases Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits and Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions enabled with Intel® Vision Products, that are now ready to deploy across Manufacturing, Health, Transportation, Smart City, and Retail.

AI: In Production partners are showcasing innovation & results across industries using Intel® Vision Products:


With AI: In Production, developers can train, optimize, and deploy a model with a clear path to production; and with a successful AI prototype , developers can quickly take the solution to market & accelerate deployments in various industries at scale.

Check out AI: In Production and other Intel activities in our booth at Embedded World.

For all the details, visit Intel AI: In Production.

To read part three of this three-part series that describes the journey towards designing an AI-based system, read "Accelerate AI and Vision Designs in Edge Compute."