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Sneak Peak – AWS re:Invent 2018

AWS re:Invent 2018 opens Monday. To get a preview of the show, I sat down with Sesh Seshagiri of Intel®.

The big news? Intel, AWS, and their partners have made a huge effort to advance AI and machine learning.

“We’re extending AI to the edge with vision and deep learning capabilities that can monitor quality on an assembly line, monitor factory worker safety, provide hands-free voice control in a car or home, or recognize loyalty customers in a store,” said Sesh. “With analytics at the edge, you can get faster response times, free up bandwidth, and protect sensitive data.”

Here are the must-see events Sesh recommends:

Building a Virtual Power Plant, One Home at a Time

When is a home a power plant? When it is amped up with analytics, of course!

In this fascinating session, Intel joins with power company Excelon to explain the opportunities and challenges arising from distributed energy resources (DERs)—and how to address this emerging market with distributed analytics and services. Come and learn how to apply these technologies for advanced energy management, control, and monetization.

Smart Cameras for Smart Factories

As a starting point, check out the manufacturing demo from IEI, where smart cameras monitor a simulated factory. One function of the cameras is fairly simple: They restrict access, protecting against tampering and theft by unauthorized personnel.

The other function is quite complex: The cameras track all objects in the plant and evaluate efficiency. You’ll have a chance to play with the setup and see how your changes affect ROI in real time. Impressive!

What’s cool about this demo is that it shows how easy it is to bring together all the necessary tech. The IEI Tank AI Vision Kit runs an object recognition model developed on the Intel® OpenVINOTM toolkit, which in turn connects to AWS Lambda and Greengrass for analytics. Edge inferencing can further be accelerated on the vision kit by adding Intel® Vision Accelerator Design cards.

You can find the demo at Intel booth 2426.

MiniBOT Packs Big Intelligence

Not so long ago, the only way to get an AI-powered robot would be to build an expensive custom rig. Today, you can get a smart robot off the shelf.

Case in point, the MiniBOT from NexCOBOT is a ready-to-use solution that can take full advantage of machine vision. The company worked with Intel and AWS to put together an assembly-line demo where you can build your own automotive LED module simply by showing the system what the module should look like.

The demo shows how using tried-and-tested solutions—including the bot hardware, Intel-based AI, and AWS cloud analytics—can reduce time to market and cost in IoT deployments.

Stop by the Intel executive lounge in the Palazzo to see it for yourself.

But Wait, There’s More!

The list of amazing tech is far too long to cover in this blog—but rest assured that there is much more to see and do. I’m particularly excited to see what gets announced at the show. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest developments.

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