A New Era of Visual Retail Technology

Emerging trends in visual retail technology today is leading to revolutionary shopping experiences. Shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores and more are encouraging higher engagement with their customers through the use of smart visual retail displays and interactive touch computers. Kiosks allow patrons to quickly access a vast amount of information, make easy purchasing decisions and have a faster check out without waiting in line for better overall in-store experience. The combination of feature-rich industrial computer hardware and the right software can help retail chains achieve their goals with better customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. They can utilize this new world of interactive and visual retail technology to increase their competitive edge and enhance their bottom line. 

Recent retail computer solutions have been designed to support the growing needs in the market for smarter interactive content and higher graphical resolution videos and images in a slimmer packaging. Utilizing the latest technologies, Axiomtek, a leading industrial computer manufacturer, has created advanced hardware solutions that are purpose-built to support the continuing retail evolution. 

 Axiomtek offers a wide range of standard products as well as easy-to-integrate industrial computer solutions for retail, quick service restaurants, financial and educational institutions as well as systems integrators, ODMs and OEMs. Leading the way are new products designed with specifications from technology partners such as Intel for pioneering products - including Axiomtek’s Intel® Smart Display Modules (SDM); Interactive Touch Computers (ITC) – displays housing for SDM; OPS players and 4K digital signage players. These high quality products meet a variety of requirements for visual retail technology, such as advanced GPU capabilities, support for multiple high performance graphical displays and rich connectivity. They offer scalable CPU options, wireless communication options and flexibility for easy customization. 

Intel® Smart Display Module S&L
Smart - Very Smart

Sleek, future-proof with high interoperability and scalability, Axiomtek’s Smart Display Modules integrate well with the thinnest displays in the market and offer Intel® CPU performances, reliability and advanced technologies for visual IoT applications. 

Interactive Touch Computer (ITC)
Get Higher Engagement

Axiomtek’s ITC Series is our new product line of easy-to-install touch panel PCs. Customizable with choices of our SDMs, size and color, the product line is designed with focus on delivering a balance between performance, flexibility and reliability.




High Quality OPS Players 
High Return on Investment 

Our OPS digital signage players offer high interoperability and unparalleled performance. They are packed with features that include M.2 Key E and M for WIFI and data storage. Designed to optimize usability, Axiomtek OPS players are easy to configure, install and maintain.


4K Resolution Digital Signage Players
Dazzle Your Audience

Axiomtek's digital signage players offer options of Intel® CPUs as well as two to eight display support to fit a variety of project needs. With many great features and purpose-built designs, our cost-effective digital signage players are great choices for use with non-OPS compliant displays.



Customized Kiosks and Systems

Axiomtek's experienced retail design services team offers our retail, quick service restaurant and ODM/OEM customers personalized design and manufacturing services. From conceptual stage, pre-planned components considerations to finished kiosk and systems deployment, Axiomtek's Intelligent Retail Solutions team can deliver all that you need. Their key focuses are on customer's ease of project development and deployment; costs and time saving; lessened downtime and increased productivity level for retail/QSR customers. Axiomtek’s capabilities include integration services and many more. 

Call 1-888-GO-AXIOM (1-888-462-9466) or email at solutions@axiomtek.com for more information.

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