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9 Things to See at embedded world 2019

If you want to see the latest and greatest in IoT, embedded world is the place to be.

Held in Nuremberg, February 26-28, this huge exhibition packs in more amazing tech than you could ever see in just three days—so we’ve put together a list of can’t-miss events. Our editor-in-chief Kenton Williston will also be covering the show in person, so be sure to follow on Twitter for live updates.

Here are our top picks for must-see tech at the show:

1. Free Registration and T-Shirt

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to register for the show—and we’ve got you covered. Use voucher code B401476 to get a free pass for the expo.

Once you’re in, make your first stop at our partner OpenSystem Media’s booth, Hall 3A / 3A-528, for a free t-shirt!

2. AI Gets Safer

Artificial intelligence is everywhere at this year’s show. One of our favorite examples is the UP AI Safety solution, a tiny AI platform that monitors working conditions, protective equipment, and more to help keep workers safe. To see it in action, visit the Intel® booth, Hall 1 / 1-338.

You can learn more about this innovative solution in the session Develop Multi-platform Computer Vision Solution with Intel® UP Squared.

And for even more great ideas on AI, check out the full list of sessions from AAEON, the makers of UP technology.

3. Make AI Cheap

While AI is cropping up everywhere, it can be expensive to deploy. To keep costs down, Congatec is showing how you can combine AI and real-time control on the same platform using virtualization. See it for yourself at the Intel booth, Hall 1 / 1-338.

You can get more insights from Congatec in its panel discussion on vision and machine learning.

4. Maximize AI Performance

If you care more about performance, IEI is showing how easy it is to use alternative architectures like FPGAs for high-end AI at the edge. Stop by Intel booth, Hall 1 / 1-338 for a demo.

5. Take AI Into Production

Need better defect detection? Let robots do the work!

That is just what JWIPC has done with its AI Ready Vision kit for Smart Manufacturing. It provides a quick way to roll out AI in the factory. Visit the Intel booth, Hall 1 / 1-338 to learn more.

6. Listen and Learn

There is a lot to see on the show floor, but to go deeper you’ll want to check out our favorite conference sessions. You’ll find talks on computer vision, deep learning, device provisioning, cryptology, virtualization, and much more. Particularly noteworthy are the IoT software sessions from Wind River.

One recurring theme we noticed is the use of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) to extend Ethernet to deterministic, real-time applications. If you’re not already familiar with the technology, check out the sessions on our list!

7. Motor Control and Neural Networks

Speaking of TSN, Kontron will host a live demo of motor control over Ethernet at its booth. And the booth will be packed with lots of other cutting-edge tech you’ll want to see.

The company is also showcasing object recognition with neural networks at the Intel booth, Hall 1 / 1-338. The demo is noteworthy for its ability to run a variety of hardware—so you’ll probably find something relevant to your interests.

8. Cloud Provisioning for the IoT

Without automated provisioning, it is virtually impossible to deploy IoT devices at scale. But don’t panic—Siemens is working with AWS and other cloud providers to provide secure provisioning at a global scale. See it in action at the Intel booth, Hall 1 / 1-338.

For additional information on a unified, secure provisioning method that connects any device to any cloud in seconds, check out the session: Secure and Scalable IoT Device Provisioning.

9. End-to-End Deep Learning

Embedded vision systems are popping up everywhere. But Advantech boasts an all-in-one system that covers both the manufacturing and packaging processes.

Feature highlights include mainstream camera interfacing, small form factors for tight spaces, and fast and reliable transmission for image acquisition and analysis—all essential elements for deep learning. To facilitate your own learning, swing by the Intel booth, Hall 1 / 1-338.

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