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8 Great IoT Ideas at CES

CES is a great place to discover the latest IoT technology. We scoured the program to bring you this list of amazing ideas for your next design—and a few of the cool toys CES is famous for.

1. Smart Cities Take Over Tech East

Smart cities is a major theme at this year’s show—the entire Westgate, Paradise Center & Pavilion is dedicated to the subject.

One must-see event is a panel led by Suman Sehra, Intel’s top thinker on smart cities, along with experts from AT&T, Mobileye, and Hitachi. Come learn how cities are evolving with 5G, AI, and a host of other tech.

Catch the panel January 9 at 1 PM in Intel® booth #10048.

2. AI Catches the Bad Guys

AI is another hot topic at CES. You won’t want to miss the TrailGuard anti-poaching demo, where you can play the role of a poacher in a simulated jungle. You’ll see how ultra-low power deep neural networks can catch you and alert rangers in real time.

Also worth seeing is the Gorilla smart city demo, which uses OpenVINO facial recognition to protect the urban jungle from intruders. Bad guys, beware!

Both demos are hosted in Intel booth #10048.

3. The 5G Revolution Begins

The future of connectivity now and through the next several years is the topic of this Verizon keynote address. CEO Hans Vestberg will explore how 5G will create new technologies and services that will blend our physical and digital worlds.

The keynote starts January 8 at 4 PM in the Venetian, Level 5, Palazzo Ballroom.

4. Tech Transforms Retail

Wondering how you will shop in the future? Come find out in the engaging talk The 5 Great Technologies Transforming Retail with Joe Jensen, VP and General Manager of Intel’s Retail Solutions Division, and retail expert Laura Heller, known for her contributions to Forbes, NPR, CNBC, and more.

Join the conversation January 9 at 12:05 PM in LVCC North Hall N253.

5. Vehicle Connectivity Moves Forward

One question on the minds of automotive designers is vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity. Bosch will showcase a system that can accommodate Wi-Fi-based and other wireless signals used for V2X communication applications.

Visit the Bosch booth #14020 to learn more.

6. Smart Homes Powered by IFTTT

Smart home enthusiasts will want to see AduroSmart home control system, which uses ZigBee to control lighting, security, heating/cooling, and more. You can control it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant—or even IFTTT. How cool is that?

See it at AduroSmart booth #40755.

 7. Hearing Aids Gain the Power to Learn

The Oticon KAIZN Personal AI Assistant Hearing devices learn about users’ behaviors, hearing needs, and sound preferences. Over time, this system automatically optimizes sound settings where and when needed.

Find out more at Oticon booth #43334.

8. IoT for Wizards

If you want to share your passion for IoT with a newbie, you might consider Kano’s Harry Potter Coding Kit. It’s a recognized STEM product that helps you build a wireless IoT-like wand while learning how to code. The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit won the Best of Innovation Honorees for CES 2019.

See a demo at Kano booth #44364.

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