13 IoT Influencers on Twitter

May 21, 2019 Kenton Williston

Keeping track of what’s going on in IoT, AI, and 5G can be a challenge. Each of these fields is constantly changing, and the interaction among them adds to the complexity.

To help you stay on top of the industry, we’ve compiled a list of the top IoT influencers on Twitter. If you want to understand more about where we’re headed, watch these folks for clues.

Carolina Rudinschi


Dr. Rudinschi is the co-founder of IIoT World, the first digital media outlet focused entirely on the Industrial Internet of Things. Her feed focuses on IIoT deployments, blockchain, and security, with significant smart city coverage.

Lucian Fogoros


Lucian is the other co-founder of IIoT World, with decades of experience in the industrial software and automation industries. His feed focuses on IIoT challenges, Industry 4.0 deployments, and long-term trends in IIoT security. Smart manufacturing and software development are also major topics of interest.

Ronald van Loon


A data analyst and scientist with decades of experience, Ronald writes about these topics extensively and shares articles from a variety of domains. His feed is particularly useful if you care about the science and programming behind many of the breakthroughs from companies like IBM, Intel®, Google, and Facebook.

Colin O’Flynn


A self-proclaimed “huge nerd,” Colin is also an embedded-security expert, electrical engineer, and a person with his finger on cutting-edge security on Twitter. As an added bonus, his Twitter feed is often good for a chuckle.

Brandon Lewis


Brandon is the editor of Embedded Computing Design and a general IoT and embedded analyst. He tends to do extensive trade-show coverage, along with a solid mix of drones and self-driving cars. Come for the tech coverage, stick around for the Phoenix sports fanaticism.

Rich Nass


Rich Nass is the EVP, Brand Manager, and Ambassador for OpenSystems Media. He often covers trade shows, as well as specific emerging technologies and trends in embedded, IoT, and AI.

Sarah-Jayne Gratton


Dr. Gratton is an author, actress, performer, and a woman with an interest in how AI, smart homes, and technology intersect with the human condition. She works as a digital strategist and technology influencer, with a Twitter feed curated from across the IoT and embedded space.

Tamara McCleary


Tamara McCleary is the CEO of Thulium, a brand amplification company, specializing in B2B social marketing. But more important, she has insights on a wide range of tech topics including AI and IoT thanks to her industry connections. She often hosts and participates in live and in-person events.

Dan Yarmoluk


Dan is a data scientist who leads business and market development for ATEK’s IoT products. His feed often catalogs cutting-edge work being done across the IoT industry in fields from drones to medicine, as well as discussing security and conceptual research.

Peggy Smedley


A podcaster and educator, Peggy specializes in IoT and construction. Her Connected Worldmagazine focuses specifically on the IoT universe, including 5G. She tends to emphasize the human side of questions around AI, 5G, and IoT, and how technology can both improve and disrupt our lives.

Maribel Lopez


A speaker, author, and technology analyst, Maribel tweets on topics across a range of issues. Follow her to see how companies are using AI and big data to build new products and solutions. Tech show coverage is another strength of hers.

Chelsea L. Andrews


The co-founder of tech marketing firm TechMode, Chelsea focuses on IoT, cloud, AI, and 5G. She features extensive interviews with tech workers, and a dash of positive humor here and there to keep things light.



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About the Author

Kenton Williston

Kenton Williston is the Editor-in-Chief of insight.tech and served as the editor of its predecessor publication, the Embedded Innovator magazine. Kenton received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and has been writing about embedded computing and IoT ever since.

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